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Welcome to Tsuki Mubi, home for those lovely Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (PGSM) fan maded music videos. Feel free to browse around; for those that like to review videos please check out the Reviewers Section. Tsuki Mubi is also home to the Summer Annual PGSM Music Video Contest, so feel free to check out the Contest Section. Enjoy!

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Website Updates

November 10, 2010
Sorry for the lack of updates. Here's the scoop of what happen back in 2009 until now. 2009's contest was cancel due to no entries and 2010 since I was in between jobs I wasn't able to held the contest. So my plan for 2011 is bring the contest back but it will be an open contest meaning footage from the manga(scans or images), anime, musicals and live action are allow! The theme will be celebration of 20 years of Sailor Moon since Sailor Moon will be turning 20 in 2012! :) Be on the look out come April 2011 for more details.

I'm currently looking for some helper's that would like to help out with this site. If anyone is interest in being a helper feel free to contact me at lilly.peacecraft@gmail.com with "Tsuki Mubi Helper" and state in the message you like to help out.


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