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Since opening Tsuki Mubi I've wanted to open a section for those of us that like to review other fan maded PGSM Music Videos. For the purpose of this section it gives the artist (Creator of the music video) a feedback on what they can work on for bettering the video stills.

Below I have set up an General Guideline that the review should use when reviewing. If anyone has any other ideas feel free to let me know and I can add them here.

Review Outline

As a staff member there are some guidelines to reviewing each music video that you must meet. If a requirement is not met, or is improperly done, your review will not be posted. Below is a list of the components that you should examine in each music video review. Please make your reviews as thourough as possible within these componenets. These reviews also give the artist feedback on how they can inprove on their video making. So please as helpful as possible. Thanks.

Does the video match up what the artist is tring to say?

Video quality:
How is the quality of the video?

Video resolution (meaning size of the video):
How is the size of the video?

Does the music match the video?

Text (if there was any in the video):
If there is any subtitles or text in the videos does it fix? How is the quality of the text?

Overall Rating:
This is where you will rate the video, from 1-10, 1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest.

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