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Welcome to my awards section. Below is a list of Awards that I've won for my site! Also listed below are test results awards/gifts/thank you gifts/moonkitty.net's Sailor Moon Round Ups that I've recieved ^^. Enjoy!

MoonKitty.NET's Sailor Moon's Round Up
( In January 2007 MoonKitty.NET started a weekly feature at the end of every week; a Round-up information for Sailor Moon websites)

Month/ Year
Friday, May 18, 2007
"TsukiMubi is looking for Sailor Moon music video reviewers! Apply away!
Friday, June 08, 2007
"The music video site, Tsuki Mubi has updated with several bits of info converning YouTube and a contest update.."
Friday, September 21, 2007
"Voting has begun on the best Sailor Moon music videos over at Tsuki Mubi's PGSM Music Video 2007 Contest. Make sure to vote for the most original!"
Friday, June 20, 2008
Tsuki Mubi's music video contest is still running! Make sure to get your videos in!
Saturday, July 12, 2008
Tsuki Mubi's PGSM music video contest is still running until the 4th of October. Get your entries in!

The Sailor Moon Pocky Box's Reviews
Month/ Year
Date Reviewed: December 17, 2006
Layout & Design
Is the layout intuitive and easy to navigate? Is it compatible across all browsers and resolution? Is it aesthetically pleasing?
Oooh, layout. How fun! This layout is pretty good, but it does have a few major problems. The color scheme is very nice, and I like how the designer used various pictures. Cute! One big thing that I immediately noticed is that an apostrophe is incorrectly used in the title. "Video's" does not need the apostrophe! Well, moving on. The white links on the light grey/blue background are pretty hard to read on my computer; I'm sure they're difficult for other people, as well. My suggestion is to add a shadow or use a darker font color. They seem a bit easier to read when they are bold, but still difficult. The next big thing is the tables. First of all, you should never use table to make your layout. Tables are meant for content, not design. There are lots of articles online where you can read about that! You should learn CSS instead. The scrolling on the tables also drives me insane. I like to use the roller on my mouse, but it's impossible to know what the heck I'll be scrolling. You've GOT to do something about that! If you insist on using tables, please at least remove the scrolling. The final BIG thing about the layout is the buttons with the senshi above everything. I had no idea they were links until I actually read the front page message (you should be aware that MANY people do not read that). Those links should be in the navigation menu... with the rest of the navigation options. Why are they separated like that? It's a little weird and confusing. Try to keep everything as simple as possible for people who visit your page. Overall, I wouldn't say that this is a bad layout. It just has a few major problems that should be fixed.
Written Content
Is there lots of written information? Are all profiles, back story, and other textual content accurate? Does the site offer fanfiction or other miscellaneous written content?
Ok, this is a PGSm video collection site. Wow, thats...nice. Well, as you can probably gather, Eudial is a very big fan of PGSM so I shall enjoy this quite a bit. i would prefer to have Media for this site, but i look forward to having some good reading. well, we got a little section on the creation of this site. Well, it was made on a site called BSSMLA. Thats...nice....right? We got a small...wait...large bio on the creator of the site, Lilly. I don't care enough to know about her so I am just ignoring it. Well, the most written on this site that I can see is the credits for the video being put up. Not very good, in my opinion. I would prefer to have at least some reading material. The most i can say is...well...please write something?
Visual Content
What kind of visual content is offered? Is it efficiently organized and intuitively accessible? Are all visual media offered legally?
Media. I always seem to get media when we have a very intensive site to review, and this one is no exception to that rule. There are LOT of music videos on this site and I really wish that I had the time to review each and every one of them, but I do NOT have that amount of time on my hands. Unfortunately the vast majority of this site is music videos and as such I can't review as thoroughly as I probably should be. I gotta admit that I am sad that the majority of these videos are done in WMV format since I am not a Windows user. However I am also sad to see some of the file sizes on these. A 4 minute video that is only 18Mb? Maybe I am an old timer but I don't see how such a thing could be possible unless the quality is pretty bad.... I made a 2 minute video once and it turned into 36Mb..... hense my concern. The review section on the navigation seems to be a place holder as there are no links, so I have moved on to the contest section. I do believe that there is a spelling error in this navigation where it says "Video Entires". I believe it means "Video Entries", however I could very well be wrong on this. Unfortunately there isn't much else here for me to review other than to say to give the videos a shot if you have some free time and feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think of them.

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