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How To Download Videos?

I've put together a little guide to download videos. Below I have set up a Rapid Share guide, but for those downloading videos from other video hostes or other websites I recommend reading the rules/FAQ on those websites so that you can download those videos.

Below Is A Guide To Download Videos From Rapid Share!

Since after hearing about Rapid Share through usagi2005 aka Lizzie from a thread from Shingetsu's Board. I started using Rapid Share to host all the videos that you see here.

What is Rapid Share?
Rapid Share is a program that hosting videos for free for unlimted time, but theres a caught if the video is not download for more than 30 days the video will be deleted.

How to download from Rapid Share?
Below I've set up a little tutorial with pictures on how to download from Rapid Share! One click on the link of the video. It would either be link to the screenshot/image of the video or there'll be a link listed beside/under the screencap. Once you click on the link which the link will take you to Rapid Share's site. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the FREE button or otherwise they will charge you for the video.


After you click on the FREE button it will take you to another page which then again scroll to the bottom of the page and there you will see a countdown going. All this is doing is checking to see if the video is there.


Once after a minute or less the countdown will be done and will give a link to download. Which then you can click on as in your going to watch the video and let it download.


Thats all there is to download. Its really easier! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Screencaps were made my me ^.^ Some of the information came from Your Eyes Only, usagi2005's video site! Note: Over_It.wmv is one of usagi2005's video that I use for example in the screencaps.
Of course Rapid Share! For having a free video hosting site!

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