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This section contains any Frequently Asked Questions. Below are a few that I have answer. If you have any questions that you don't see here feel free and email them to me! Thanks!

1) What is PGSM?
Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, known as "PGSM" for short, is Toei's new Live-Action Sailor Moon Series. The series premiered in Japan on October 4, 2003. The series is based around popular Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon series, with the Senshi fighting the Dark Kingdom. The series uses a lot of CGI (computer generated images) such as Luna and Artemis, the "talking stuffed cats." See more on the About PGSM Page of BSSMLA's website!

2) What is Tsuki Mubi?
Free free to check out that About Tsuki Mubi page for more information.

3) Can you host my videos?
I used to host videos on my server from 2004-2005, but now I no longer accept hosting videos since I no longer have the available and sources to host videos. I have set up a list of some great video hosting websites for those that need a place to host there videos. Please make your way over to the "Video Hosting Places Page". Thanks!

4) How do I submit my video(s) to the video galleries?
Please make your way over to the "Submit Your Videos Page" for more details.

5) I heard that Tsuki Mubi has an PGSM Reviewers Section? What is it and how do I join the reviewer group?
Please check the "About PGSM Reviewers Page", "Join Reviewers Page", "Staff Reviewers Page" and "Video Reviews Page".

6) Theres a PGSM Music Video Contest? When does it begin and end? How to I submit my video(s)? And when is the voting?
For the current contest please keep an eye out on the main page for the lastest updates! To find out about the contest like its history and a list of its previous winners check out the "About Contest Page" and "Hall Of Fame Page". Thanks!

7) When are updates?
There is no set date or time when I update the site. I try to update when I can on weekends or either once or twice a month, but it all depends if I'm not busy with my full time work during the weekdays or my personal life. People I do have a real life to deal with to than being online!

8) Can I bug/email you when the next update?
NO! Please no... I already get alot of emails about these types of questions. I don't have the time expand the same then over and over in each email/message that I get. So I suggest to all of you to keep an eye on the update page. Thats where I will post information/news on when those pages are up!

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