Tsuki Mubi


So, you're interested in applying for a reviewer at Tsuki Mubi? Fabulous. Please read over the below rules. If you can agree to them, you are more than welcome to send in your application.

Rules (before joining please read all the rules!):
1) For each review please respect each and their opinions on this site, even if you do not like them. Everyone has a valid opinion, and as such it will be respected by everyone. If you do have a problem try to work it out, if you can't please contact me and let me know. I hope there weren't be any problems.

2) When reviewing music videos please be fair with the reviews and give helpful feedback to the artist, so they could inprove on their video making. Alot of artist do love to hear feedback about their videos! So please be as helpful as you can! Thanks!

3) All I ask from each reviewer that want to join. Please have at least 2 reviews (your welcome to do more if you like) min. each month. There is not set schedule on when the reviews are due. Just when you able to get them done. If you really busy a certain month (with life, school, job etc.) it's ok. I can understand, just let me know... and you can post your review when you have a chance.

4) If you agree with all these rules please send me this information below to lilly.peacecraft@gmail.com with "Tsuki Mubi: Can I Join The Review Team Please?!" in the subject link. Thanks!

All I need is this information from you so that I can add you to the reviewer's page: Your Bio- Name, Age/Birthdate, Hobbies, Languages, Website(s), Email, Other contributions. If you do not have a website, contributions, languages or hobbies just put N/A in its place. Thanks!

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