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Please help support my friend's webcomics' websites!!!

For those you that are looking for a newer comic series to check out. I reccomend checking out David Lillie's newest series called Dreamkeepers. This series has also won the Bronze Medal for Graphic Novel/Drawn Book Humor/Cartoon (If you go to the site the graphic novel is listed as #42) from the 2007 Indevendent Publishings Book Awards.

Heroes of Middlecenter, or Middlecenter for short, is our webcomic, based on a video project Ed and Stormy produced in Spring 2003 for her Video class. Feel free to check them out!

For those that like an action-comedy-drama that takes place in war-torn Feudal Japan.then this story is for you. Written by Joseph (Joe) Kovell and drawn by Alex Kolesar. Feel free to check them out! Tell them that Meg (Lilly-chan) said hi!

Neon Dragon is the creator of 2 webcomics "Timescape" and "Phantom 20/20" which been discontinued, but you can still read the online archives. But feel free to check out her lastest art over at her Livejournal. She is currently working on her Dragon Art book series--> Dragonart: How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures (Paperback) Volume 1 (or link 2), Dragonart Mythical Monsters: How to Draw and Paint More Fantastic Creatures (Hardcover) (a paint kit with a 32 page instructional booklet with some art supplies) and Dragonart Fantasy Characters: How to Draw Fantastic Beings and Incredible Creatures (Hardcover) Volume 2. (or link 2)

For those that what a little fun in there lives please check out webcomics- White Noise and Magic High from Madsniper!

For those that want a little romance in their lives I recommend checking out Gina Biggs's Red String!

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Below I've put together a list of very good websites for PGSM! Enjoy! If you are interested in exchanging links for this fanlisting, and you have a very good PGSM website please send me an email. *Please put in the subject line "Tsuki Mubi Add Site" I would be glad to link them! If theres any information that is wrong please let me know too!

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If you have any PGSM related fanlisting thats been approved by TFL.org or AFL.org or anyother fanlisting site that might not be approve from either directory they are welcome too, feel free to email with your fanlisting link and attached a 50x50 code. thanks!

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