Tsuki Mubi

Rules For Tsuki Mubi and DA's PGSM Music Video Contest

Rules: (Rules as of 2007)
*Footage- must be from PGSM (from Acts 0 to Special Act(50) to the Dance Lesson, Kirari Special Live Event or any of the Omake(specials from the dvds))
*Length (running time)- 5 mins at max (Unless you have your video hosted over at youtube.com then the length doesn't matter.)
*240x180 image at 72 resolution screenshot of the video with the title of the video on it (this is an image)- example: view the video galleries Or If you have a video over at youtube just send me the "Embed Tag Code" thats listed in your "About This Video" of your yourtube account than the image.
*Size of the video- no more than 50 mb (Unless you have your video hosted over at youtube.com then the size doesn't matter.)
*Videos- need to be already upload online either from your website or from a free video hosting site like Rapid Share (more info on Rapid Share please see my download videos info page) (for more free video hosting sites check the video hosting places)!
*Video must follow along with the music.- Meaning pick a song that best matchs your scenes that you use.
*No text use unless its fits with what you want to came across. You must let me know if you're using the text in the videos. Example: check out Apple's Subarashii Dream Awards videos (Site is currently down?)
*You can enter up to 5 videos max
*No more than 2 videos in each categories! Thanks!

THEME: Since this year is the 6th Anniversary of PGSM! The theme for this year's contest is an dedication to the series, characters etc! So feel free to play with this theme! Have fun!
Categories: Action, Character Profile, Comedy/Homor/Pardies, Horror, Drama and Tribute(only for eps., specials or for the series)
Between Lilly-chan and DDRNinja we will decide the Best Over All Video and Runners Up Video^.^

If you read all of the rules then you can make you way to the Submit page!

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