Tsuki Mubi

Submit You Videos For The Contest!

In order to enter in this summer music video contest you must have read all the rules first!

OPEN- Welcome 2011's Tsuki Mubi's Summer Annual Music Video Contest!


To Enter:
Just send me an email with your video information with this information:
*Which category is your video in?:
*Provide a 240x180 image at 72 resolution screenshot of your video with the title of the video and your name on the image. If you have a video over at youtube just send me the "Embed Tag Code" thats listed in your "About This Video" of your yourtube account than the image.
*Name of the Video:
*Made by: (your name with email or website addy or both)
*Subject: (what the video is about)
*Music: (name of the song/music and the artist's name)
*Running Time/Length: (no more than 5 mins at max)
*File Size: (no more than 50 mb at max)
*Resolution: (whats the viewing size of the video)
*Format: (meaning wmv, avi, mpg etc.)
*Video Souce: (if there are any text provide please provide who the fansuber is or if you use any images/ animation made by Maya(a 3-D computer animation program) put that information here.
*Any comments/notes: (this is where you put your thoughts about your video or any side notes. What you like or don't like about your video. Please at least put some thoughts down so the viewers/voters can get a sense of what you were going for)
*Video Link: Provide a link to your video either a link from your site with information on where your video is located. I personal don't link to direct link unless its ok with the owner. Or send me the link of the video through Rapid Share (more info on Rapid Share please see my download videos info page) or anyone of these video hostes that are listed on the video hosting places!

*Please email me at lilly.peacecraft@gmail.com with the following info above with "Tsuki Mubi's Summer Annual Music Video Contest Entry" in the subject so I would know its a contest entrie. I do not want to miss your email due to spam/junk mail that I get daily. Thanks!*

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