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Submit Your Videos

For those of you fans that like to have their video linked in the gallery please take the time and the rules before submitting your video to Tsuki Mubi! Thanks.

Below I have set up some general rules on submiting your video(s).
Note- Just let everyone know I do not host videos, you need to have your videos aready up online either on youtube, a link from a hosted downloadable website or from your own server.


Below please follow all of these requirements before sending me your video or your video will not be added to Tsuki Mubi; thanks!

1) What category/video gallery would you like me to place your video!
2A) Please provide me a 240x180 image at 72 res. of a screenshot (image/pic) of your video. With the title of your video and your name on the image. (Note: If you do not have a youtube account and have your video hosted on your own server please provide me with a 240x180 image at 72 res. of a screenshot (image/pic) of your video with the title of the video and your name. thanks!)
2B) If submiting your video from your youtube account Please provide me with the youtube web link/code so that I can add your video to the gallery!
3) Link to video
4) Name of the video^.^ please provide me with a name/title for your video, because in each category I alphabetize each of the videos by the name of the video!
5) Made by: (can either give me your link to your website or email. So that people can give you feedback or have any questions)
6) Subject: (whos in the video, what categery is the video in etc.)
7) Music: Name of the song with the artist name too, or from an ablum.
8) Run Time: How long is the video
9) File Size:
10) Resolution: (meaning what the viewing size is)
11) Format: (meaning: wmv, avi, mpg etc)
12) Video Souce: (If theres any subtiles in the footage please put down the fansuber's name here and where you got the footage from.)
13) Any Comments/Notes: You can write what ever you like here. Its basicly where you write your own review about your video. Good and Bad about your video.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example Of An Submitation
Send to: lilly.peacecraft@[REMOVEME]gmail.com
Subject: Tsuki Mubi: Video in Character/Profile Category

(I'll link the url link to the video to your screenshot image or make text link) (Screenshot image must be attach!)
Made by: Emochan (I text link the email or website url, if you prefer your email or website url be shown please let me know!)
Subject: This is a video all about Usagi, and how imperfect yet loving she is. I guess the category would be comedy!
Music: Imperfect Girl by t.A.T.u.
Run Time: 3:56
File Size: 54.5 MB
Resolution: 474 x 357
Format: WMV
Video Source: Clips from Tv Nihon and Serecindra
Any Comments/Notes: I really love how the video came well with the music. I feel this is a great song for Usagi, because she isn't the most smart or organized person in the world, but she is lovable and just the same and has self respect. I admire that about her. Hope you like it!

If you have anymore question feel free to let me know!

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